Welcome to CSPM

Calvary School of Prophetic Ministry (CSPM)  is a ministerial school of development for those who are called into any area of ministry that edifies the body of Christ through the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, most especially the prophetic people. The School is open to all Christian denominations.


 Our school's main strengths lie in :

 Encouraging independent learning by using a variety of teaching methods

  • Creating a supportive environment
  • Solid doctrine of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Holding various events
  • Co-operating with The Holy Spirit







Prophecy provides a faith injection.


Prophecy restores our soul, renews our mind and revives our spirits.                

When one is exercising his or her gift, being that of revelation, or inspiration or power; they speak on behalf of God (God's communicator).




Prophets are born not made


Calvary School of Prophetic Ministry Ltd

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