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Prophet  Olade Ijelu


Revival is just the life of the Lord Jesus poured into our broken hearts. Jesus is always victorious. Whatever may be our experience of failure or bar­renness, He is never defeated. His power is bound less. We, for our part, have only to get in a
right relationship with Him to see His power being
demonstrated in our hearts and lives and service, and His victorious life will fill us and overflow through us to others. That is revival in essence, yet how few of us know revival. Our wills are not

broken; the life is too much ‘‘I’’ and not ‘‘Christ.’’


  • Habakkuk prayed for a real revival of the works of the Lord, when realized
    the people had
    failed. Habakkuk 3:19; 3:17-19


  • Revival under Hezekiah: When Hezekiah became king, he recognized the low spiritual state  of the people, immediately he did that which
    was right in the sight of the Lord. 2 Chronicles 29:3-11


  • Revival under Josiah: He clean up all Manasseh’s sin. 
    Serve the Lord and kept the Passover


  • Speaking of revival the Church needs to wake up.


“Christianity is the work of the Lord. He begins it, He carries it on, and He completes it in the day of Christ. It is the work of His own hands which He never forsakes, the work which is to reflect the glory of all His divine perfections. But this work often needs reviving.

Our graces become weak, our evidences decline, our spirituality decays, and we
grow cold, careless, and worldly – minded. Then we have no sweet visits, no tokens for good, no heart-affecting fellowship, no longings for glory. Our affections fix on some earthly object. Our conscience becomes numb or accuses us, our understanding is darkened, and we sink into an unhealthy state. Our souls cleave to the dust, and all we can do is cry, quicken me according to Thy Word.’ When the Lord comes to revive His work, He often sends some painful cross, brings us down into the dust by some affliction, makes us see our sin and smart for our folly. He con­vinces us, humbles us, empties us, and makes us feel thoroughly ashamed of our conduct. He then is able to lead us to confession. He produces contrition, speaks pardon, and smiles upon us again. 0 Lord, revive Thy work in me, now’!’’



Hymn: SS 273

d.r :m  :r.d :l      :s d          :d    r   :r   r       :m   r:-

Re-vive Thy work, O Lord!.... Now to Thy saints ap – pear!


:d.r m       :r.d l         :l.t d       :d   r :-.d   m   :r   d:-

Oh, speak with pow’r to ev’ – ry soul, And let Thy peo-ple hear!-


“Dear Lord,
open to me Thy sacred Truths. Give me a reverent and teachable mind and enable
me to believe what I ought so that I might be established in Thy way and
prosperous in Thy blessings. Help me, I pray, to be all that Thou hast ordained
me to be in Christ. In His precious name I pray. Amen.’’


Kabiyesi Alagbara

Kabiyesi Alagbara: Unquestionable King